Our Painting Services

Our Services

Interior painting– We have been providing interior painting services for years. We know the in’s and out’s of interior painting. Our highly skilled and highly trained painters understand everything from the preparation process, to priming, to how many coats of paint are needed, to finishing up the job appropriately. We seldom get complaints due to the high stress we put on having quality painters.

Exterior painting– Since our beginning, our specialty has focused on exterior painting. We have painted well over 1000 exterior homes. Our expertise and knowledge is second to none. We would love to be able to help you with your next home painting project.

Residential and Commercial painting- we focus on both of these areas of services. We recognize that many of our customers will be within the residential area. We do lots of repaints with homeowners. We also do not shy away from commercial painting as well. We have a specific plan that helps local businesses to walk through the process of creating a great interior or exterior atmosphere. Here is an example of one of our painting company who has specifically focusing on commercial painting.

Our Expansion efforts:

Recently, we have begun moving into other states surrounding Oklahoma. We have just recently started to focus our efforts on expanding into Arkansas, Texas and Kansas City. We have several painting companies that we are working with to join our painting group. Up to this moment we have 5 companies that have joined. We are located in Dallas, Texas and Little Rock Arkansas. You can get more information about these companies at our Home Advisor page. If you are specifically looking for painters in Kansas City, we have been up and running in this city for about 2 years. As far as any new up and coming painting companies, you can continue to visit us for future openings. If you are looking for painting jobs, you can subscribe through our registration company at Porch.com.

Contact us with any questions you might have about the painting industry or our painting services. Click on our contacts page for more information. For more information, check out our youtube channel.


Grow and Serve Painting Company

Grow and Serve Painting Company is an established well trusted painting imgrescompany that focuses on providing excellent painting to the residents of Oklahoma. We have been serving our clients for years. We have such good gossip within our community that we are excited to say that we have been voted best painters in our town of Oklahoma. The reason our clients love working with us is because we are committed to painting excellence. We get insights and ideas from other Sherwin Williams painting companies across the United States.

Our vision for our company:

Grow- We are spreading our vision for what a great painting company should be. We believe at the heart of what we do is to impact our community. Our focus is on creating beauty and value to our home owners. We believe that if our home owners love our work and the atmosphere we create, then they will be better people. We are planning to spread our company throughout the United States because we believe we have a unique calling in the painting industry. Our focus is providing quality painting services with strict attention to doing things right. We are a part of a national painting group that sets us a part and holds us accountable for our actions with our painting services. If you ever have any questions or concern, then contact this organization. We believe accountability is essential to growth.

Proclaim- We believe we have a unique place in the painting industry. We believe it is our job to let home owners know the in’s and out’s of the painting business. What is a good exterior painting estimate? What kind of paint should be used? What are good color schemes? How does preparation and cleanup play a part in your hiring a company? We offer all of these questions and more as we seek to help our clients have the knowledge that they need to make the best decision in hiring a house painter. As we proclaim the internal and external truths of the painting industry, we believe that we will help fulfill our goal of serving our communities.

Serve- Not only is it our desire to serve our clients through our painting services and our teaching about the painting industry, we also seek to serve the communities that we live. Every year we commit to serving 3 families a year. We are intentional about helping certain families who have had a hard year. It could be they have gone through a sickness, lost their job, lost their loved ones, etc. We want to be intentional about doing good within our communities. If you know of someone specifically within the Oklahoma community, then please feel free to contact us and nominate them.