Here's What People Are Saying

Here's What People Are Saying

About Grow, Proclaim, Serve!

“What I enjoy most about this curriculum is that it can stand alone or is useful as a great building tool,” says Theresa Reiter, Director of Children's Ministries at FUMC Lakeland, Florida. “I also love incorporating the video. It is the perfect length for children and does a wonderful job of telling the stories creatively.” Theresa has over 14 rooms using the resources in her Wednesday evening and Sunday school classes.

"Grow, Proclaim, Serve! will be the centerpiece of a revival of Sunday school for our church. So great to feel connected to all the other churches using the same materials!" says Joyce Tingle Hollingsworth.

Maryanne,  of Trinity Episcopal Church, wrote about their church kick-off celebration. "We are so excited! We have a volunteer to come in costume as the frog for Kick-off Sunday. Having our own naming contest. Frog pinata,too. Every child will choose a plastic tree frog to take home to remember F.R.O.G. Our younger Youth made a banner and chose Fully Respectful of God...and God's Creation. Loved it! Limeade and frog sugar cookies for snack. Loving the DVD and CD Rom too!"

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