Raise the Roof: Fall Mission Project

There are children all over the world who would love to have the opportunity to go to school. This is a fact that may be hard for American children to comprehend. While they sometimes dread sitting in a desk and taking tests, children elsewhere are wishing they could. This fall the children of Grow, Proclaim, Serve! can help children in Lusaka, Uganda, realize that dream.

Education equals empowerment. When children in impoverished countries are given the opportunity to go to school, they are given the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that can empower them to have a better life. They can learn how to take better care of themselves. They can learn skills that will help them earn a living when they become adults, and they can learn to read and write.

Raise the Roof is a partnership of individuals dedicated to working with children and families to reach their full potential by demonstrating God’s love and tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. The goal is to establish, outfit, and resource permanent village schools that will educate and nurture leaders that shape Africa and the world. The founders of Raise the Roof believe that education provides the highest return of any social investment. So, this October, Grow, Proclaim, Serve! churches are raising money to help build a dormitory for the Raise the Roof school in the small village of Lusaka, Uganda. 

Help your children understand that receiving an education is really a blessing, and help them share their blessings with the children of Uganda. While we can’t ensure that every child in Africa is saved, we can do our part, and every child that is reached is an agent for future change.

Send donations to Raise the Roof, PO Box 92216, Nashville, TN 37209. Include a note that the gift is for their general fund. To learn more about Raise the Roof, visit their website here.