Help your children realize that their faith grows with them as they grow!

As a parent, finding a church home that reinforces and encourages the spiritual development of your child’s faith is very important. The resources that a church utilizes to accomplish that task can be equally important.

Grow, Proclaim, and Serve! is a Bible-based Sunday school program that provides churches the necessary resources to nourish and enrich a child’s faith from birth through tweens. In doing so, your child will learn to proclaim the good news of God’s love and serve God and neighbor.

Grow, Proclaim, and Serve! provides for both you and your child:

  • Age-appropriate learning materials
  • Activities that engage children and reinforce Bible stories
  • Self-directed activities designed to develop independent learning skills
  • Take-home activities that bring the Bible story to your child’s daily life
  • Parenting community to better connect with other parents

Take a moment and choose your child’s age group and preview samples, videos, and join our parenting community . . . all for free! If your church is already using the Grow, Proclaim, and Serve! resources, click on the Church Finder tab to find your church and join their group.